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Photonics North 2017

Jean-Luc Déziel from the photonics division attended to Photonics North 2017, June 6-8 in Ottawa. He has given a talk entitled "Femtosecond Self-Reconfiguration of Laser-Induced Plasma Patterns in...[more]

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Paper published in Phys. Rev. E

The latest contribution of the Networks section is available in the June issue of Physical Review E. In the paper, entitled "Finite size analysis of the detectability limit of the stochastic block model",  we...[more]

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Sentinel North: presentation of thematic project “Complex systems: structure, function, and interrelationships in the North”

The 15th of June 2017, Pr. Louis J. Dubé has presented the thematic project 1 to the Sentinel North's community, followed by the detailed description of the 5 subprojects by each investigator in charge.  Due to the...[more]

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Three members awarded PhD Scholarships

Jean-Luc Déziel, Edward Laurence and Guillaume St-Onge have received Scholarships awarded by the Fond de Recherche--Nature et Technologie to pursue their PhD. These scholarships are awarded based on the research track record of...[more]

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Three important talks

This year, Dynamica held 3 (!) end of winter semester Colloquia. On April 24th, Guillaume St-Onge presented his plan for his master thesis, in a talk entitled "Dynamique de propagation sur réseaux aléatoires"...[more]

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Member receives the Byron-T. Darling Award

Edward Laurence has received the Byron-T. Darling award for his work on Connectomics and Complex Network. The award is bestowed each year to graduate students of the Université Laval Physics Department who pursue exceptional and...[more]

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Sentinel North takes flight

On the first allocation wave of the Canada First Research Excellence Fund, University Laval was among the  funding recipients (98 M$ over 7 years)  for a transdisciplinary project called Sentinel North. Letters of...[more]

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Netsci 2017

3 talks and 2 posters[more]

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New year, new papers

The latest contributions of the Networks division (n=2) are now available on The first paper, entitled "Finite size analysis of the detectability limit of the stochastic block model", focuses on the...[more]

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A new Master of Sciences

It is always a pleasure to acknowledge the undeniable success of one of the members of Dynamica. Edward Laurence has completed the requirements for his M.Sc. degree. His master thesis with the  flamboyant title of “Study of...[more]

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Pr. L.J. Dubé to speak at Western University

Pr. L.J. Dubé will give a talk, entitled "A Network Approach to Complex Systems---complexity made simple, ... but not simpler" at the Physics and Astronomy department of Western University, on Thursday, the 6th of...[more]

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New paper in Phys. Rev. E

Social networks encode the interactions of the elements of a social system; one thinks, for instance, of Facebook, where individuals interact through friendship relations. A striking feature of most social networks is their...[more]

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Member receives highest distinction

Guillaume St-Onges has received the Governor General's Academic Medal for his track record. The medal is awarded to student who achieve unusually high GPAs in the course of their B.Sc. This does not preclude Guillaume from...[more]


Network section at NetSci

Three members from the network section will represent Dynamica at NetSci this year. The conference will be held in Seoul from May 30 to June 3, at the K-Hotel conference center. Charles Murphy will present his latest results...[more]

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Member to attend Photonics North 2016

Jean-Luc Déziel will present his latest work on self-organized plasma formation at Photonics North 2016, in Québec, Canada. In his talk, Jean-Luc will show how to incorporate extreme non-linear optics into particle in cell...[more]


Member to attend "Complex networks: theory, methods, and applications (2nd ed.)"

Yours truly (Jean-Gabriel Young) will represent Dynamica at the summer school "Complex networks: theory, methods, and applications (2nd ed.)". The school, which will takes place at the beautiful Villa Grumello...[more]

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End of semester Colloquia

As is now tradition, Dynamica will hold two Colloquia at the end of the winter semester. On Monday, April 11th, Edward Laurence will present his master thesis, entitled "Étude des systèmes complexes, des réseaux...[more]


Video: Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor Award

Back in December, our group leader, Pr. Louis J. Dubé, received the 2015 Excellence Award in Teaching, in the "Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor" category. The publicity department of Université Laval just released...[more]

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The networks division strikes again

We are happy to announce that the latest contribution of the networks division, entitled "Constrained growth of complex scale-independent systems", is now featured in the highlights of Physical Review E for its...[more]


New paper in Physica Status Solidi C

The most recent contribution of the photonics division, "Constructive feedback for the growth of laser-induced periodic surface structures ", has been published Phys. Status Solidi C.In the paper, we study the formation...[more]

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