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Figure featured in the Physical Review E January Kaleidoscope

A figure from our recent paper "Complex networks as an emerging property of hierarchical preferential attachment" has been selected to appear in the January Kaleidoscope of Physical Review E. Figures are selected on...[more]

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Two new papers from the Networks division

The latest contributions of the Networks section are now available in the December issue of Physical Review E. In the first paper, entitled "Complex networks as an emerging property of hierarchical preferential...[more]

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Doctoral exam on the 4th of Decembre 2015

Jean-Gabriel Young has successfully completed his doctoral exam (with an unanimous excellent overall rating from the 4 examiners). This is the first official and major compulsory step towards his Ph. D. Congratulations are in...[more]

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Group leader receives 2015 Excellence Award in Teaching

It is with great pride that we announce that our group leader, Pr. Louis J. Dubé, has received the 2015 Excellence Award in Teaching, in the "Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor" category. The distinction is awarded to...[more]

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M. Sc. thesis added to the Board of Honour of the Faculty of Graduate Studies

After careful examination, the evaluation committee has given the highest overall mark (excellent) to the Master thesis of Jean-Luc Déziel. Therefore, the name of the author will be added to the Tableau d’Honneur of the Faculté...[more]

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New paper in PLoS ONE

The latest contribution of the networks section, titled "A Shadowing Problem in the Detection of Overlapping Communities: Lifting the Resolution Limit through a Cascading Procedure" has just been published on the PLoS...[more]

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The network section grows again

A new member, Charles Murphy, has now officially joined Dynamica. This brings the network section to a combined force of 4 students. After he completes the Trial by Fire (an introductory marathon to nonlinear dynamics, network...[more]


Photonics Tutorial accepted for publication in J. Opt. (IOP).

The Photonics section strikes again. A tutorial/review entitled Lorenz-Mie theory for 2D scattering and resonance calculations has just been accepted for publication in J. Opt. The PhD tutorial is based on the thesis...[more]

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New article just released in Journal of Optics (IOP)

The latest contribution of the Photonics section, entitled Toward the formation of crossed laser-induced periodic surface structures, has just been published in the July issue of the Journal of Optics. In this...[more]

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New membre to join Dynamica

We are happy to announce the arrival of a new member, Guillaume St-Onge, to the brotherhood. While finishing his last course works for his B.Sc., and cumulating the load of a summer research student (NSERC fellowship), STO (his...[more]

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Eleventh Edition of the Symposium Dynamica

The eleventh edition of the Symposium Dynamica will take place on April 30th at the beautiful Forêt Montmorency. This pedagogical activity is held as part of the Non-linear dynamics, Chaos and...[more]

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Master's Colloquia

Jean-Luc Déziel will hold his Master's colloquia on April 17th. He will expose his latest work, "Ablation laser et croissance de réseaux de surfaces", on theoretical and numerical models of Laser Induced...[more]

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2015 Summer Conferences

Members of Dynamica will travel both close and far to 3 important Conferences this summer: Edward Laurence, Jean-Gabriel Young and LJD will attend the 2015 edition of the NetSci International School and Conference on Network...[more]

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Prof. Reinhold Blümel (Wesleyan University) will be visiting Dynamica between the 15th and 19th of March

Dynamica addresses anew its warm welcome to Professor Reinhold Blümel, specialist of  quantum chaos and the exact solution of "unsolvable" problems, among other things. During his stay, Prof. Blümel will be giving...[more]

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Member to attend Santa Fe Institute's 2015 Complex Systems

Jean-Gabriel YOUNG  has been selected to attend the 2015 edition of the Complex Systems Summer School organized by the Santa Fe Institute. The summer school will be held in Santa Fe, NM from June 7 to July 3. Congratulations...[more]

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Dr. Denis Gagnon

It is with great pride that we announce that Denis Gagnon (DeGa) has successfully defended his thesis entitled "Generalized Lorenz-Mie Theory: Applications to scattering and resonances of photonic complexes” and has...[more]

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Dr. Sergey Melnik (University of Limerick) is visiting Dynamica this week

Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Sergey Melnik will be visiting snowy Quebec City between the 17th and 22nd of November. While his recent research focus mostly on spreading process on networks, he also has a keen...[more]

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Dr. Laurent Hébert-Dufresne

It is with great pride that we announce that Laurent Hébert-Dufresne (LSD) has successfully defended his thesis entitled "On the Growth and Structure of Social Systems Following Preferential Attachment" and has...[more]

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Surviving the zombie apocalypse

Members of the network division authored a chapter in the recently published book "Mathematical Modelling of Zombies". In this tongue-in-cheek presentation, they showcase the tools of...[more]

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New article to appear in Optics Letters

The latest contribution of the Photonics section, entitled Optimization of integrated polarization filters, will be published in the October issue of Optics Letters. In this crisp Letter, we present the design of integrated...[more]

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