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New papers from the Networks division

The continued effort of our Networks division has borne fruit once again. Two new papers, Epidemics on contact networks: a general stochastic approach by Dr. Pierre-André Noël is to appear in J. Math....[more]

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Doctoral exam (bis)

On November 29th, 2013, Denis Gagnon met with his doctoral committee to present the work he performed in the last year. Almost a year to the day after his doctoral exam, this oral presentation allows the advisors to follow-up on...[more]

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2013 James S. McDonnell Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards in Studying Complex Systems

Laurent Hébert-Dufresne (LSD) is one of the 10 recipients of this year  2013 JSMF Fellowships.  The post-doctoral award comes with a small (!) stipend at the level of $200 000 US for 2 years. We congratulate LSD...[more]

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Our Networks division makes its way to Nature!

A new paper entitled Global Efficiency of Local Immunization on Complex Networks, has been published by our Networks division. To appear in Scientic Reports, it deals with the importance of local measures to properly...[more]

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New paper in Opt. Lett.

A new paper, penned by Denis Gagnon, is set to appear in the July issue of Opt. Lett. Both the arXiv preprint and the full text are available from the Publications page.[more]

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NetSci 2013

Copenhagen, capital city of Denmark, will be host to the 8th International School and Conference on Network Science, or NetSci 2013. Our Networks division will be contributing a talk and two poster presentations. Laurent...[more]

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ICTON 2013

In the latter part of the month of June, Joey Dumont and Denis Gagnon will present their latest research at the 15th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks. Their respective oral presentations, S and Q Matrices...[more]

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Participation at DAMOP 2013

A member of our Photonics division, Denis Gagnon, will be contributing to the 44th Annual DAMOP Meeting in the form of a poster presentation entitled Optimization in optical systems revisited: Beyond genetic algorithms....[more]

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Harvest of an explosive collaboration at SFI published in Physical Review Letters

While at the Complex Systems Summer School (Santa Fe Institute) in June 2012, Laurent Hébert-Dufresne and three fellow attendees studied a competitive form of percolation (competition between site and bond percolation). Doing so...[more]


Doctoral exams

Denis Gagnon and Laurent Hébert-Dufresne have successfully completed their doctoral exams on the 5th and the 19th of Decembre respectively. Congratulations are in order.[more]


Complexity in Santa Fe

Two emissaries (Antoine Allard and Laurent Hébert-Dufresne) have been sent south of the border to take part in the 2nd International Conference on Complex Sciences: Theory and Applications, December 5–7, 2012 Santa Fe, New...[more]


New paper to appear in J. Opt. Soc. Am. A

Our most recent contribution on photonic crystals and their use to generate arbitrary-profiled beams has appeared in J. Opt. Soc. Am. A shortly. The arXiv version as well as the full text version of the paper can be...[more]


Dr. Pierre-André Noël

It is with great pride that we announce that Pierre-André Noël has successfully defended his thesis entitled "Dynamiques stochastiques sur réseaux complexes" (Stochastic Dynamics on Complex Networks), and has therefore...[more]


New paper in J. Phys. A.

Our new paper entitled "Bond percolation on a class of correlated and clustered random graphs" has been published in J. Phys. A. The full text (on the IOP website) and the associated arXiv are available from the...[more]


Thesis Defence

Pierre-André Noël will be defending his PhD thesis on September 24th in room POP-1168. Abstract of the presentation and other details may be found here.[more]


Member to join the R&D Team of Olympus

Guillaume Painchaud-April has recently joined the R&D Team at Olympus NDT Canada situated in the Parc technologique near Québec City. Congratulations are in order. May he remain safe and sound outside of the “fold”.[more]


Member hired at UC Davis

Pierre-André Noël has been hired as a Postdoctoral Scholar in Prof. Raissa D'Souza's group at University of California, Davis. We wish him an interesting and productive time despite his physical distance from the Brotherhood...[more]


New paper in EPL

Our new paper in EPL has been published. The full text (on the IOP website) and the associated arXiv are available from the publications page.[more]


New paper in Physical Review E

Our new paper in Physical Review E has been published. The full text (on the APS website) and the associated arXiv are available from the publications page.[more]


Member to attend Santa Fe Institute's 2012 Complex Systems Summer School

Laurent Hébert-Dufresne  has been selected to attend the 2012 edition of the Complex Systems Summer School organized by the Santa Fe Institute. The summer school will be held in Santa Fe, NM from June 4 to June 29....[more]

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