Dynamica, a research group dedicated to the understanding of the Dynamics of Complex Systems...

...because the world is complex and ever changing.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
that are dreamt of in your philosophy.
HAMLET (act 1, scene 5)

All stable processes, we shall predict.
All unstable processes, we shall control.
John von NEUMANN (1903-1957)

You must have chaos within you
to give birth to a dancing star.
Friedrich NIETZSCHE (1844-1900)

Upon the wings of a butterfly,
Order and Chaos will forever lie.

Latest news


Three members awarded PhD Scholarships

Jean-Luc Déziel, Edward Laurence and Guillaume St-Onge have received Scholarships awarded by the Fond de Recherche--Nature et Technologie to pursue their PhD. These scholarships are awarded based on the research track record of...[more]

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Three important talks

This year, Dynamica held 3 (!) end of winter semester Colloquia. On April 24th, Guillaume St-Onge presented his plan for his master thesis, in a talk entitled "Dynamique de propagation sur réseaux aléatoires"...[more]

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Member receives the Byron-T. Darling Award

Edward Laurence has received the Byron-T. Darling award for his work on Connectomics and Complex Network. The award is bestowed each year to graduate students of the Université Laval Physics Department who pursue exceptional and...[more]

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Sentinel North takes flight

On the first allocation wave of the Canada First Research Excellence Fund, University Laval was among the  funding recipients (98 M$ over 7 years)  for a transdisciplinary project called Sentinel North. Letters of...[more]

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Netsci 2017

3 talks and 2 posters[more]

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