Dynamica, a research group dedicated to the understanding of the Dynamics of Complex Systems...

...because the world is complex and ever changing.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
that are dreamt of in your philosophy.
HAMLET (act 1, scene 5)

All stable processes, we shall predict.
All unstable processes, we shall control.
John von NEUMANN (1903-1957)

You must have chaos within you
to give birth to a dancing star.
Friedrich NIETZSCHE (1844-1900)

Upon the wings of a butterfly,
Order and Chaos will forever lie.

Latest news


Our Networks division makes its way to Nature!

A new paper entitled Global Efficiency of Local Immunization on Complex Networks, has been published by our Networks division. To appear in Scientic Reports, it deals with the importance of local measures to properly...[more]

Category: Publications


New paper in Opt. Lett.

A new paper, penned by Denis Gagnon, is set to appear in the July issue of Opt. Lett. Both the arXiv preprint and the full text are available from the Publications page.[more]

Category: Publications


NetSci 2013

Copenhagen, capital city of Denmark, will be host to the 8th International School and Conference on Network Science, or NetSci 2013. Our Networks division will be contributing a talk and two poster presentations. Laurent...[more]

Category: Conferences


ICTON 2013

In the latter part of the month of June, Joey Dumont and Denis Gagnon will present their latest research at the 15th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks. Their respective oral presentations, S and Q Matrices...[more]

Category: Conferences


Participation at DAMOP 2013

A member of our Photonics division, Denis Gagnon, will be contributing to the 44th Annual DAMOP Meeting in the form of a poster presentation entitled Optimization in optical systems revisited: Beyond genetic algorithms....[more]

Category: Conferences

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