04.07.2017 17:18 Age: 2 yrs
Category: News
By: Guillaume St-Onge

NetSci 2017 (bis)

Further details on the NetSci 2017 conference that was held in Indianapolis at the end of June.

The three talks for the main conference were well received : time-depedent spatial network (C. Murphy), SIS dynamics with tunable dynamical correlations (G. St-Onge), and statistical mechanics of mesoscopic structure extraction (J.-G. Young). The main conference's poster session and the Network Neuroscience satellite were also success, featuring  E. Laurence's works on persistent activity and functional resilience.

J.-G. Young also presented his work on the Simplicial Configuration Model at the satellite workshop on higher-order models in Network Science (HONS).

Details are available on the conference page.