10.08.2017 14:36 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Publications
By: Guillaume St-Onge

Paper published in Sci. Rep.

Rock-paper-scissor behavior in a well-mixed system with slight asymmetries. (left) The network architecture is well-mixed (i.e. an homogeneous network) as the asymmetries in density between groups are of the order of 1 in a 100 links. (middle) The flow diagram resulting from the P matrix shows cyclic behavior. (right) The slight cyclical structure is enough to give rise to damped cyclical behavior.

The latest contribution of the Network section is available in the August issue of Scientific Reports.

The paper entitled "Strategic tradeoffs in competitor dynamics on adaptive networks" studies competition dynamics on asymmetric and adaptive networks to account for different competitor strategies. An interesting feature observed : while there is an optimal strategy in a two competitor system, three competitor systems have no such solution.

Links to the full text and preprints are also available on the Publication page.