02.02.2016 23:28 Age: 3 yrs
By: Jean-Gabriel Young

New paper in Physica Status Solidi C

Growth of periodic nanostructures with the inter-pulse feedback method. The bottom row shows an emerging type-d structure.

The most recent contribution of the photonics division, "Constructive feedback for the growth of laser-induced periodic surface structures ", has been published Phys. Status Solidi C.
In the paper, we study the formation and growth of laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSSs) with the finite-difference time-domain method.
We introduce a novel feedback mechanism which not only explains why "classical" (type-s) LIPSSs appear on materials with dielectric and metallic optical properties, but also why type-d structures are observed on metallic materials.
The full text is available on the Publications page.