09.03.2017 12:41 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Conferences
By: Jean-Gabriel Young

Netsci 2017

3 talks and 2 posters

The entirety of network division will attend NetSci 2017 in Indianapolis, at the end of June.
Three members will give talks during the main conference on subjects such as time-depedent spatial network (C. Murphy), SIS dynamics with tunable dynamical correlations (G. St-Onge), and network inference (J.-G. Young). Moreover, E. Laurence will present his latest results on neural dynamics and hierarchical networks during the main conference's poster session and at the Network Neuroscience satellite.

Details are available on the conference page.
I will update this news with the schedule once it is available.

Note that two Dynamica alumni (Drs. Antoine Allard and L. H├ębert-Dufrense) are also organizing a satellite meeting, Contagion on Networks.