16.03.2017 14:53 Age: 2 yrs
Category: News
By: Louis J. Dubé

Sentinel North takes flight

Framework of the project

On the first allocation wave of the Canada First Research Excellence Fund, University Laval was among the  funding recipients (98 M$ over 7 years)  for a transdisciplinary project called Sentinel North. Letters of intent for 3 themes were prepared in June 2016, evaluated and made into sub-projects in Decembre 2016. We are proud to announce that Dynamica will take part in 2 sub-projects under the Theme 1: Complex Relationships (CoRe) of the North. The sub-projects are


  • SP 1.1: Network analysis of Umbrella and Indicator Species: Assessing the Integrity of Northern Ecosystems (see the project description here)
  • SP 1.2: The Resilience of Complex Networks: Identifying Critical Indicators for Efficient Targeted Intervention (see the project description here)


The group leader (LJD) is co-investigator of SP 1.1 and co-PI of SP 1.2 with Dynamica providing the base of expertise for the structural and functional network analysis. Let the fun(d) begin!