12.05.2017 16:09 Age: 2 yrs
Category: News
By: Jean-Gabriel Young

Three important talks

This year, Dynamica held 3 (!) end of winter semester Colloquia.

On April 24th, Guillaume St-Onge presented his plan for his master thesis, in a talk entitled "Dynamique de propagation sur réseaux aléatoires" (Propagation dynamics on Random Networks); Charles Murphy did the same on May 12th. His presentation was titled "Étude de la structure croissante des réseaux géométriques" (The Growing Structure of Geometrical Networks).

On this occasion, Edward Laurence also passed his doctoral entry exam. An important part of the evaluation was a presentation, given on May 12th, titled  "La résilience des réseaux neuronaux" (Resilience of the Brain). 

The three of them passed their respective tests with excellent grades, and are now free to undertake the next step; for GST and CM, this will mean writing their M.Sc thesis, while EL can officially begin the active research portion of his PhD.

Best of luck to them!


[The abstracts are linked below]